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Frequently Asked Questions

  •      What are the key dates of the fintech challenge?

    Please see the key dates section available in our Fintech Challenge rules.

  •      How do I register?

    Registration is completed via a form that can be found here. Registration opens on September 11th at 8:00 AM EST and closes on September 20th at 11:59:59 PM EST.

  •      How will the ideas be judged?

    Submissions will be judged for their creativity and novelty, technical sophistication,

    and quality. All registered teams will have the opportunity to submit one idea in the

    format of their choosing.

  •      Why is numo holding this event?

    We want to hear what you, as students, believe may be impactful ideas on the financial services industry. We are a team of problem solvers who take on tough challenges and believe that the students at Carnegie Mellon are of a similar mindset.

  •      Is numo hiring?

    Yes.  We're looking to bring on interns and full time hires, both undergraduate and graduate, in areas such as computer engineering, product management, and business development. All entrants are eligible for consideration for internships or full time positions at numo.

  •      What are we expected to submit?

    For Round One judging, registered teams are able to submit one idea in any manner that they deem best suiting to presenting their message. Potential submission forms include business plans, presentations, videos, etc.

  •      Are all CMU Students eligible?

    Any current CMU student over the age of 18 is eligible. That includes undergraduate

    and graduate (Masters & PhD candidates) enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis.

    All colleges are eligible and we actively encourage teams to include a variety of

    majors and skillsets.

  •      Must I be a CMU student?

    Yes, an AndrewID will be required as part of the submission process.

  •      Will numo be hosting similar challenges at other universities?

    Yes. Similar challenges will be held at other universities in upcoming semesters.

  •      Will I be eligible to compete if I am an International student?

    Yes. All students are eligible to participate, regardless of their citizenship status. Each student on the winning teams must submit to a Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) screening in order to receive their share of the cash prize. If a student does not pass the OFAC screening, the prize money will be shared equally among the members of the team who do pass the screening.

  •      How many people can be on a team?

    Teams can consist of 1-5 CMU students. Once a team is registered any team changes must be handled through the contact us form.

  •      Who can I contact for help with additional questions?

    You can reach us with any additional questions by using our "contact us" form.